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SIT, STAY and take a cyber tour of the hospital.  Novey Animal Hospital was founded in 1994 by Dr. Patricia Houff Novey. Our mission is to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by providing the best preventative care, diagnostic and treatment services, and client education.  These in turn, further the pet owner's understanding of pet needs and behavior.  Integrated into our mission is the encouragement of pet owners to take a heart-felt approach to caring for pets. Please come visit our hospital at 1157 East Tennessee Street.

Our phone number is (850) 878-8800. For after hour emergencies call (850) 222-0123. The hospital is located at   1157 E. Tennessee Street, right between the BP gas station and Troy Fain Insurance on Tennessee Street. The Tallahassee Democrat is right down the street from us. You can E-mail us at: noveyah@novey.com

HEALTH MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS While we offer traditional small animal medical and surgical services for dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, iguanas and other pets, we also offer many other services that focus on prevention, rather than on the treatment of problems. Some of the health maintenance programs that we offer include these:  Pet Selection - If needed, we’ll help you select a pet that is right for you and your family. Nutritional Counseling - We’ll explain the benefits of nutrition based on age, lifestage, body composition, and risk factors. Dentistry - Periodontal disease is the most common disease of adult dogs and cats. Routine cleanings and home care can prevent gum disease, tooth loss, bad breath and pain. Behavior Counseling - We can help clients understand why dogs act like dogs, and cats like cats. Geriatric Counseling - Older pets often acquire chronic, progressive disorders including heart, liver and kidney disease, arthritis, hearing and visual impairment, and cancer. Some of these conditions can be detected early and their progression halted or slowed.

HIGH TECH, HIGH TOUCH  At Novey Animal Hospital, we have state- of-the-art diagnostic equipment to aid in the safety and comfort of your pet. For example, we are able to perform blood tests in-house and to monitor vital signs (blood oxygen levels, pulse, heart rate, EKG, and temperature) prior to and during surgery and dental procedures to detect possible problems. Your pet will stay with us in kennels that provide a warm, quiet and comfortable environment. Our kennels are indoors out of the elements, and they are cleaned frequently during the day. Also, dogs are walked at least twice a day to make sure they get exercise. To help the environment, we recycle our cardboard and other paper products, glass, and cans. And to reduce our energy consumption we have installed solar window tint, ceiling fans, and efficient heating and cooling systems.

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