How to Take Care of an Arthritic Cat

Cats rarely complain, so it can be challenging to tell when they are experiencing arthritis pain unless their food bowl is less than half-full. However, the following easy home improvements can help your cat feel more comfortable and mobile if they have been identified as having arthritis or appear to be having trouble moving around.


#1: Switch to low-sided litter boxes

Covered litter boxes are excellent for keeping litter granules and odors in check, but they can be difficult for an arthritic cat to use. Replace your cat’s regular litter boxes with low-sided, uncovered bathrooms so they can hop in and out more easily.

#2: Elevate your cat’s food and water bowls

Your cat’s elbows have undergone a great deal of wear and tear from a lifetime of jumping down. Raising your cat’s food and water dishes to a comfortable level will prevent them from having to stoop to get to them.

#3: Provide ramps to furniture

Scaling their climbing tower may prove too challenging for your arthritic cat, but they likely still love to look out the window, so place a ramp nearby. Installing ramps to lookout towers or favorite resting spots can help your cat retain their independence and still fulfill instinctual needs, like climbing, hiding, and surveying their territory.

#4: Offer firm bedding

Although extra soft, cushy bedding may seem especially cozy to your cat, they will discover that it is difficult to get out of and offers little support for their aching joints. The sore body of your cat will be adequately supported by a firm, orthopedic bed.

#5: Place non-slip mats on slick flooring

While your cat may no longer get the zoomies in the middle of the night and race up and down your hallway, providing traction on slick flooring can help prevent painful slips and falls. Yoga mats or carpet runners provide a non-slip pathway for your cat.

Your home modifications can help your arthritic cat, but keeping them at a comfortable weight and pain management are also key. Our team can help with these—give us a call to schedule an appointment.