Exceptional, Full-service Family-Centered Veterinary Care

Novey Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital. We strive to offer modern, progressive, and professional care in a family-centered environment that exceeds our client’s expectations. Your trust in our team and our hospital dedicates us to provide an exceptional experience at every visit.

Low Fear/Low Stress Handling

Reducing the fear associated with veterinary visits is extremely important to us. We use gentle handling, lots of food treats and praise, and anti-anxiety medications to help our patients overcome the panic often experienced at the veterinary hospital.

Internal Medicine

Many pets will get sick at some point in their lifetime. We provide both acute illness care and chronic disease management for dogs and cats including kidney, endocrine, ophthalmology, and gastrointestinal diseases. We work closely with several specialists and have relationships with referral practices in Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Jacksonville.

Emergency & Urgent Care

We are available to see emergency and urgent care cases during normal business hours. We work closely with several local emergency centers to provide our patients with after-hours emergency care.


We can help you work with your pet on common behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, thunderstorm anxiety, aggression, inappropriate urination, puppy chewing, crate training, and housebreaking. We use a variety of medication and supplemental products to help your pet learn. We also work closely with a veterinary behaviorist for more complicated issues.


We are home to a state-of-the-art surgical suite equipped to handle all of your pet’s surgical needs. Our doctors perform a variety of soft tissue procedures including spay/neuter, laceration repairs, tumor removals, gastrointestinal surgeries, ophthalmic surgeries, and bladder stone removals. Select orthopedic procedures such as amputations and femoral head osteotomies are also offered.


Our hospital can take care of basic grooming procedures such as nail trims, anal gland expressions, ear cleanings, and bathing. We also provide limited medical grooming for patients who may not be good candidates for traditional grooming services.

In-House Diagnostics

Novey Animal Hospital utilizes a full service in house laboratory to provide diagnostic information to our doctors including blood chemistries, complete blood counts, thyroid screening, cortisol testing, blood glucose monitoring, urine evaluation, and culture for infection, and parasite screening. We partner with Antech and Idexx laboratories as well as several university laboratories and the Bronson Animal Disease Laboratory for additional testing capabilities.


We provide hospitalization care during normal business hours for patients requiring intravenous fluids. Referral for continued after-hours care can be provided, if required.

Laser Therapy
Laser therapy helps heal tissues by improving blood flow, reducing pain, releasing endorphins, and repairing the tissues through the use of light. Most surgical patients receive laser therapy as part of their surgical procedure to speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation. Laser therapy can also be used for wounds, inflammatory lesions and chronic ailments such as arthritis.

Overall health is quite dependent on good nutrition. The pet food world is overwhelming and we can help you navigate the labels. Management of some medical illnesses and conditions can also be greatly affected by food choices. Let us help you make a great choice for your pet’s individualized needs.

Senior Care

Our pets are living longer and fuller lives just like us! Dogs and cats age much more quickly and illness and disease can present much more quickly. Pets typically become seniors at seven years old. As your pet grows older, we recommend screening bloodwork at least yearly. Once disease has been identified, we may recommend more frequent examinations and bloodwork as well as other screening diagnostics such as blood pressure evaluation, radiographs and ultrasound. Senior specific evaluations for osteoarthritis, pain and cognitive decline are also important to identify issues. Often, a pet who is “slowing down” is actually suffering from an age-related medical condition.


We keep a fully stocked pharmacy for your convenience. We carry a variety of commonly used prescription medications as well as special compounded formulations, topical medications, ear and eye medications, and medicated shampoos. We also carry a variety of parasite prevention products to ensure that your pet remains parasite free.

International Travel

Our doctors are USDA-accredited to provide international travel services including health certifications. We will help you plan for the required testing and paperwork to get your pet to your international destination as safely as possible. We will work with the USDA to certify paperwork and will also work with hired travel services that clients have chosen.

Wellness Care & Vaccinations

Longterm health and well-being hinge on preventative care. Every pet is different and our team works hard to ensure that each pet gets individualized recommendations for preventative care and vaccinations. Regularly scheduled, thorough physical examinations and diagnostics help to identify problems while they can be more easily managed while home dental care, consistent parasite prevention programs, proper nutrition help to ensure the health of your pet. Our team follows the guidance of leading scientific research-based organizations such as the American Academy of Feline Practitioners, the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Heartworm Society and the Companion Animal Parasite Council to make the best recommendations for your pet.

Dental Care

Dental care is of the utmost importance for your pet. Dental disease is painful, can cause other severe systemic infections, and can be a quality of life issue. Many dogs and cats have significant dental disease by the time they are three. Utilizing dental radiography, we perform a wide variety of dental procedures including prophylactic ultrasonic scaling, periodontal therapies, extractions, and oral surgery. We will also teach you how to care for your pet’s teeth at home by daily brushing, dental treats, chews, and topical products. Puppies and kittens are also evaluated throughout their wellness visits for dental problems such as bite abnormalities, delayed eruption, missing teeth, and retained baby teeth.

Puppy & Kitten Care

We love puppies and kittens! We want to build a lifelong bond with your new pet and work hard to build good memories as your pet visits the hospital. Puppies and kittens get lots of gentle handling and food rewards to allow thorough physical examinations while avoiding fear and anxiety. Vaccinations will be given with an individualized approach. We can help to work through common puppy and kitten behavioral training issues as well as provide advice on an appropriate diet, spaying and neutering and dental care.


We understand the fear that is often involved when your pet requires anesthesia. We take every precaution including thorough pre-anesthetic screening and evaluation using bloodwork, ECG and radiographs, human-grade anesthetics and individualized anesthesia protocols, advanced anesthesia monitoring including ECG, oxygenation, temperature, and blood pressure by dedicated veterinary staff and heat and intravenous fluid support of to ensure the safety of your pet.


We believe that permanent identification of your pet through microchipping is the best chance your pet has if they become lost. Microchips are approximately the size of a grain of rice and are implanted under the skin over the shoulders. When scanned, they provide a unique identifying number that, when registered, provides the finders contact information that can help to get your pet back to you.


We offer indoor boarding for dogs, cats, and pocket pets. Dogs are walked several times per day in our outdoor exercise runs and are supplied with soft bedding during their stays. Additional play sessions are available. Cats are housed in comfortable condo cages with soft beds, cozy houses, and cage covers. We also use Feliway pheromones to help calm our feline patients. We love having special needs patients board with us and are happy to administer medications, injections, provide advanced nursing care for geriatric patients or additional care for patients with conditions that require isolation.

We ask pet owners to provide their pet’s own diet for their stay to minimize gastrointestinal upset, but provide sensitive stomach dry food if it’s needed. All boarding patients are monitored twice daily for appetite, urination, and defecation. Patients also receive a technician examination daily to identify problems that may arise during their boarding stay. All dog boarding stays include a bath and nail trim, if desired.

Prescription Diets

We sell a variety of prescription diets to assist in the management of your pet’s medical illness. Our hospital carries Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Diet, and Purina Veterinary diets. We also provide ship-to-home and auto-ship services for Hill’s and Purina diets.

Pet Selection Counseling

We can help you select the pet that is right for your family!

Ultrasound & Radiography

Digital radiography and ultrasound can be quite helpful in the diagnosis of many health problems. Radiographs allow the evaluation of bone structures and soft tissue structures in your pet. Ultrasound uses sound waves to painlessly evaluate your pet’s internal organs. Results are available quickly and samples can be taken of problem areas, often in the same procedure. Many pets allow ultrasound and radiography without anesthesia or sedation. Ultrasound can also be used to monitor pregnancy.

Pain Management

Controlling your pet’s pain is of the utmost importance. Pain is never helpful and individualized pain management that maintains and improves your pet’s wellbeing and comfort is a priority. We utilize a variety of techniques including oral medications, injectable medications, constant infusions, local nerve blocks, and topical patches.

Acupuncture therapy can provide support for a variety of conditions. Drs. Bell and Scarpinato are both trained in a variety of acupuncture techniques to help manage a variety of ailments and improve systemic health.
Hospice/Palliative & End-of-Life Care

We value the relationship you have with your pet and understand the difficult decisions that may need to be made as your pet ages. We provide comprehensive quality of life care, hospice and palliative care, and euthanasia services. Cremation services are also offered.