You are not alone when it comes to providing the very best health care that your pet needs.

Our staff have put together a number of helpful resources and a list of frequently asked questions to help your pet’s healthcare be easier to manage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find emergency services for my pet?

We understand that illness and injury can strike while we are not open. Tallahassee offers multiple options for emergency and after hours care.

Allied Veterinary Emergency

Capital Veterinary Specialists Urgent Care (10 am-10pm)

Northwood Animal Hospital Emergency

What do I do if my pet ingests something that may be toxic?

Pet owners can contact Pet Poison helpline or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control directly 24/7. A consultation fee ($59-65) may be applied to your credit card. They will assess what your pet has ingested and provide recommendations on whether immediate care may be required. If further care is required, they will continue to serve as a resource to the veterinary care team as they treat your pet’s toxin ingestion.

Does heartworm and flea and tick control need to be administered year round?

Yes! Mosquitos, ticks and fleas, and intestinal parasites love our warm climate as much as we do and are present year round! Even indoor only cats and dogs who spend little time outside are at risk of parasitic infections related to these bugs! Novey Animal Hospital follows the recommendation of the American Heartworm Society and the Companion Animal Parasite Council to ensure the best preventative parasite control for your pet!

What dog and cat food brands do you recommend?

There are many great brands out there and they all have many options. We recommend diets who formulate their diets based on years of scientific research, AAFCO feeding trials and compliance with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association guidelines. Generally, cats may also benefit from maintaining a canned food inclusive or canned food exclusive diet.

We just found a stray pet. What should we do?

Check the pet for a collar/tags. If none are present, feel free to come by to have the pet scanned for a microchip. Most hospitals will do this for you and you can also go by Allied, Northwood, or the shelter to have the pet scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is found, you can enter it here: to look up the company and to determine if the chip was registered. If so, information will be provided by the company that may help to locate the owner. If no microchip is found, you can either keep the pet safe while you look for the owner, or you can take the pet to shelter for housing until the owner is found.

Posters, Facebook posts to your local neighborhood pages, the Lost and Found Pets Tallahassee page, Craigslist and Nextdoor may all be helpful in finding an owner. Finders are also encouraged to list the found pet by following the instructions at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter Lost and Found website.(

I just found out we are adding a baby to our household! What are some resources to help me prepare my pets for children?
We would like to board our pet at your hospital. What do we need to bring?

We encourage all pet owners to bring their pet’s normal food whenever they stay in our kennel. This helps to encourage your pet to eat reliably during their stay and to help to minimize tummy upset that may occur due to a rapid diet change. Please bring all medications that your pet requires in labeled pill vials and provide detailed instructions at drop off including when the medications were last administered. We have plenty of bedding to keep your pet comfortable and do not recommend bringing personal blankets or toys from home. If you choose to do so, please label the items clearly. We will make every effort to return the item at the end of your pet’s stay. It is very important that you give yourself enough time at drop off to fully cover your pet’s needs with our staff. We want to ensure that your pet is being fed their medications and are being given appropriately during their stay. You can fill our boarding paperwork prior to your visit in the forms section of the website.

We just got a new puppy! Do you have any recommendations on training and raising a well behaved puppy?

We love the book “The Perfect Puppy in 7 days” by veterinarian Sophia Yin.

These other Dr. Yin resources are great, too!
DSY Top 10 Dog Training Tips
Insert Learn to Earn Poster
Learn to Earn E-Book

You may also find the videos and information at Fear Free, Happy Homes to be helpful. You do have to register to access this content.

The Family Dog offers a positive reinforcement, at-home program geared towards families that helps empower kids when training the family dog. This program is for purchase.

Do you have any resources to help my children learn how to interact with dogs and cats safely?

Teaching your children how to safely interact with dogs and cats is super important! There are several resources available.

Stop the 77 Project has several great age appropriate videos and songs to teach kids how to interact with dogs.

Body Language of Feline Anxiety Poster
Body Language of Fear in Dogs Poster
How Kids Should Interact with Dogs Poster
How Kids Should Not Interact with Dogs Poster
How to Greet a Dog E-Book
How to Greet a Dog Poster