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Khinkali loves her nap time and cuddle time with her favorite humans. If you are looking for a cat that can hold a conversation, this talkative girl is for you. She is 7 months old and still has some of her kitten energy left in her. She can be a shy kitten at first, but quickly gets comfortable. If you are looking for a sweet, cuddle bug, this sweet girl the one for you.


Balogna is a calm boy who wants nothing more than to climb up on your back and to piggy back ride wherever you want to take him. While he is a mellow kitten in general, he is still a kitten and has a lot of energy that comes out occasionally. He is a fan of high areas and loves to play, as long as you go first. He is four months old and looking to join your family.

Past Adoptions


Bao appreciates a good cuddle and is looking for a great home with a loving family. Bao and his brother Gyoza were found on a construction site. Bao is the more shy of the two of them and is slowly coming out of his shell.


While Gyoza loves to cuddle, he is just as happy to take a lap around the room. Gyoza hopes to find himself in a great home with a wonderful family. Gyoza and his brother Bao were found on a construction site. Gyoza is a very outgoing boy. He is ready to explore any new setting as soon as he is sat down.


Edmond was brought to us after he was found in someone’s yard with a hurt leg. His leg is all healed now and may cause his walk to look a little funny, but he doesn’t let it slow him down. He is now about 5 months old and is very adventurous. He is always ready to explore and play. When it comes to nap times, Edmond takes good long deep naps in all of the most silly looking positions. Edmond would be a great addition to any home.


Pretzel is one of the five kitties who was brought to us on Valentines Day and is very loving and calm. Pretzel is quiet and is motivated by finding her bed. She loves belly rubs and needs a little motivation before she decides to play.


Croissant is a fun playful kitty who loves to snuggle with her people. She takes a little time to adjust, but settles right in to her home. She is very curious and does not like to destroy everything in sight! Croissant is fun and loves to play.


Semmel was one of five kitties brought to us on Valentines Day. Semmel is a very sweet and loving kitty and he loves to be pet. He is nice and calm and loves to love. He does not mind being held and just wants a nice home with good people.


Naan was one of five kitties that was brought to us on Valentines Day! Naan is very curious and loves to explore. She loves time with her people and adapts quickly to her environment. She is very adventurous and wants a good home with loving parents.

Ares and Calypso

This brother and sister pair was brought to us due to the death of their owner, they were adopted out very quickly from us but they are back due to the new owner being diagnosed with complicated medical issues that prevents him from giving them the care they need. They are so sweet and loving and they would need to be adopted out together since they have never been without one another. They are gentle and easy going and would be great with a family. They are 7 years old and all UTD on vaccines.


This sweet man is the biggest cuddler in the clinic. He is a very relaxed kitty and enjoys snuggling his sister Pork. 13-week old Neutered Male.



Gomez is our “adventurer” of the clinic, he loves to explore and everything he sees excites him. He is very playful, especially with his little sister Morticia. 9-week-old Neutered Male.


Momma Kitty

This sweet girl is the mom of Gomez and Morticia who is also available for adoption with us. Mama Kitty loves cuddles and is super loving. She is shy at first but once she is warmed up to you it is nothing but cuddles after that. 1-year Spayed Female.


This little girl is the cutest little princess. She loves to be in your arms but also is very playful with her toys and of course her brother Gomez. 9-week old Spayed Female.


This little girl is very chill and sweet, her brother Beans is her best friend and all they love to do is snuggle one another. She enjoys playing with her string toys as well. 13 week old Spayed Female.


This all-black beauty has a one-of-a-kind personality. She loves to talk to you and absolutely loves treats. She is very playful and talkative with us. 16-week-old Spayed Female.


This funky little girl is the litter mate to Jelly Bean. She has a bunch of energy but loves to cuddle more than anything. She has the best time with toys so she will need pleanty of those. 4 month old female, UTD.



Carrot is one spunky kitten. You can often find him playing with toys, taking a nap, or running around. He is in full blown kitten cattitude and would make a great addition to your family. 15 week old male, UTD (age appropiate vax)



his girl is a one of kind. She loves to adventure about and play with her toys. Her siblings Rhett and Rita came to us from the animal shelter due to them being at capacity at the time. 13 week old female, UTD (age appropiate vax)



This long hair tuxedo girl is so photogenic. She is shy at first but once she gets comfortable she will be the sweetest loving girl. Her siblings Rhett and Rachel were brought to us from the animal shelter due to them being at capacity at the time. 13 week old female, UTD (age appropiate vax)


Jelly Bean

If you are looking for a fun little kitten, look no further! This fun girl will have you laughing every moment you are with her. She is very outgoing and loves playing with her friend Beamer, who is also available for adoption.She would make a great addition to your family. 4 month old female, UTD.



This handsome orange man is the sweetest. His siblings Rita and Rachel were brought to us from the animal shelter due to them being at capacity at the time. He is a very chill and laid back kitten. He loves to show off and be loved on. He will bring a lot of personality to your home. 13 weeks old male, UTD (age appropiate vax)



This silly girl loves hanging out in her window seat watching cars go by. She has become great friends with Jelly Bean, who is also available for adoption. She loves to purr and takes a lot of naps. She has her energetic times and loves to play with toys as well. 5 month old female, UTD.



This easy going guy absolutely loves attention. He loves one on one attention and a lot of cuddle sessions on the couch. He makes the best movie watching partner. 3 Y/O Male, UTD.



If you are looking for the sweetest companion, look no further! Yam is the ideal orange tabby who just wants to cuddle up while you read a good book. 11 week old male, UTD (age appropiate vax)



Mezzaluna was brought in with her four kittens as a feral kitty. She was super sweet, and we couldn’t let her go back outside. Her kittens (the pasta kids: Spaghetti, Furmucelli, and Penne) were quickly adopted. She is highly food motivated, super affectionate, and loves to cuddle. She is not super fond of other cats but ignores most dogs.


Cori is a 4-year-old, neutered male tuxedo who is looking for a quiet, one kitty space to call his own. He was originally adopted from us as a baby in 2016. In January, he had a urinary obstruction and his owner had to relinquish him back to us for care. We treated him aggressively and he has been with us ever since. He is ready to live in his forever home but will need a special canned diet for the rest of his life. Cori is microchipped and fully vaccinated.

One Fish

One Fish is a 14 week old male neutered tabby. He was brought in with Cheetara by one of our feral kitty partners for neuter and we just couldn’t send this sweet boy back outdoors. He has been fostered by one of our employees and adapts to dogs and other cats well. He is FeLV/FIV negative, microchipped, neutered, and up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations.

Little Orange

Little Orange was brought into the adoption program by one of our feral cat program partners. Orange has been neutered and vaccinated and is such a sweet love. He is happy to hang with his friend One Fish and has the loudest purr! Come get some snuggles with this sweet guy!

Eustace & Muriel

Eustace and Muriel are 13-week old orange and white medium-haired litter mates who would love to find a home that allows them to stay together. They are highly bonded and full of energy to keep each other occupied! Muriel has been spayed and Eustace is neutered; both are FeLV/FIV negative, are microchipped, and have been given age-appropriate vaccinations.

Two Fish

Two Fish is a 14-week old female tabby who was trapped with Lion-O by one of our feral TNR partners to be spayed. Her purr instantly won us over, and we elected to keep her and Lion-O in our adoption program. She has been doing well and is ready to go to a new home. She is FeLV/FIV negative, up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations, and will be spayed and microchipped prior to adoption.

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